About Us

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Dr. Green’s Clean Team was founded and is owned by Toby and Amber Bollier of Fort Worth, Texas. The company was created after a set of scary and uncertain circumstances within our family.

Amber was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an auto-immune disorder, in the fall of 2014. While researching her disease and potential causes, we found that most of the products used in our home were filled with toxic chemicals that cause a myriad of health issues over time including asthma, allergies, auto-immune disorders, cancer, neuro-developmental disorders, pregnancy complications, respiratory conditions, skin irritations and more.

In fact, we were shocked to learn that many store bought solutions such as household cleaning products, air fresheners, laundry soap, dish soap, and beauty products all contribute to the air in your home being 70% more toxic than the air outside.

By removing toxic products, switching to green alternatives, and incorporating the use of 100% therapeutic essential oils, Amber’s symptoms decreased drastically and her overall health, along with the family, improved significantly.

Our situation has inspired us to create Dr. Green’s Clean Team, which in turn allows us to share our personal story and make a positive impact on the families within our community. We developed 3 completely natural cleaning products formulated with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. These products are highly effective at disinfecting surface and airborne germs and removing left over residue from previous toxic products.

By incorporating therapeutic essential oils into our service, we improve the air quality in your home creating a healthier breathing environment you and your loved ones can smell and appreciate.

We believe a healthy home is a happy home. We are honored to provide true green cleaning service that is 100% safe for people, pets and our planet!

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