We're passionate about helping people in our community everyday by providing top notch green cleaning services, so being a part of the Cleaning For A Reason Foundation is a natural fit for us. We are committed to providing the gift of a clean home to women in our community currently undergoing cancer treatment through the Cleaning For A Reason Foundation. It's our privilege to serve these women by offering our monthly service free of charge, which allows them to focus on their health and healing in a clean home environment. We are excited about the positive impact our partnership with Cleaning For A Reason will have throughout our community. To learn more about the foundation or to donate visit www.cleaningforareason.org


We've made a pledge to help reverse litter in our community by joining the Ten on Tuesday campaign. Ten on Tuesday is a new tradition in North Texas encouraging businesses, schools, community groups and individuals to reverse litter by picking up 10 pieces of trash and recyclable materials each Tuesday. Dr. Green's Clean Team is committed to making our community better, cleaner, and greener and we enjoy doing our part to help! Join us - make your own pledge at reverselitter.com